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Physicians treating people, not just symptoms.

Founded in 1902 as the WV Society of Osteopathic Medicine, the West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association has served West Virginia for over 100 years. Our Executive office is located in Lewisburg, WV.

The Association strives to:

  • Encourage the understanding of osteopathic medicine;
  • Elevate and maintain high standards of osteopathic institutions;
  • Advance professional knowledge of surgery, obstetrics, and the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease in general;
  • Stimulate research and disseminate results;
  • Maintain ethical conduct in all phases of osteopathic medicine and surgery.

The mission of the West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association is to promote public health:

  • By the elevation and maintenance of high standards of osteopathic education;
  • By the stimulation of research and investigation;
  • By the collection and dissemination of such knowledge for the education and improvement of the profession and for the benefit of humanity.